Staying Alive - Active Crisis Training
In the U.S., active shooter incidents are reaching epidemic proportions. Now is the time more than ever to empower your people with our Staying Alive A.C.T. (Active Crisis Training) Empowerment Program.

This dynamic 90 minute training, held onsite and in person at your company, will prepare and empower your employees on what to do in the event of an active shooter incident in your workplace including:

   - “Run, Hide, Fight” training with specific ideas and techniques on how to respond
   - Situational awareness training and how to be prepared before potential incidents occur
   - Early warning signs of a potential active shooter
   - What to do when Police & First Responders arrive
   - Stop The Bleed life-saving techniques

Staying Alive also offers a range of additional trainings, products and security services to help prepare your people and company and organization.  

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