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We're no longer accepting panelist applications, but if you'd like to be involved with the track for next year, please fill out the form below and we'll add you to the mailing list for volunteers and panelists.
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Track Rules and Code of Conduct
1. Punctuality. Understand if you are selected as a panelist then you need to show up 15 minutes before the scheduled time. You will be provided with contact info of our room volunteers in case of AN EMERGENCY SITUATION. You are expected to be at your panel. If you are late, you may be asked not to participate.
2. Decorum. You may not be insulting to either the other panelists, the audience, or Dragon Con volunteers. If you are, you will be politely asked to excuse yourself. Constructive disagreement is one thing, insulting someone's point of view is not acceptable.
3. Language. Unless the panel is at 10p or later, please assume a family friendly audience and conduct yourself and you use of language accordingly. Accidental expletives may come with a warning, overuse may cause you to be asked to leave.
5. Representation. Acknowledgement below means you understand that you are not in any way acting as a representative of the Alternate History Track or Dragon Con. You and your opinions are entirely your own.
6. Participation. You agree to check your email, respond to our moderators ahead of the panel if they wish to prepare materials, refrain from bashing anyone during the panel (see Decorum, above), and do your best to remain on topic to ensure the discussion is productive, informative, and entertaining.
7. Flexibility. PLEASE NOTE: Times may change! Be aware of that and plan accordingly. There are no guarantees that you will get on the panel you desperately want.
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