IDEA IditaREAD 2019 ~ Record Your Total Pages Read!
Students start reading at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 2, 2019 and can post and report miles read up until 11:59 PM on March 23, 2019!
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If you do not want your child's last name displayed (ever), use an alias or initials for the last name. Be sure to let us know what your alias is so that we can be sure to get your child their prize! If you used your full name, all but an initial of your last name will be removed some time after prizes are dispensed.
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Total (ALL) Pages Read to Date: *
Type in the total number of pages read since the beginning of the race at 10:00 AM on March 2nd. After you have read 998 pages, you can keep reading and reporting your total pages read!
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Did You Reach a Checkpoint? *
Maybe you've read further! Please chart the last checkpoint you passed. Once a student or parent reaches Nome, he or she can race as often as they like, add to their total pages read, and always mark NOME as acheived! This program tracks the date and time that you record your miles and will spell your name as listed above!
The Iditarod Musher I've chosen is: *
If your musher scratches before you finish the race, you may choose another musher that is still on the trail. So far, Shaynee Traska, Cindy Gallea, Richie Beattie, Cindy Abbott, Marcella Fressineau, Emily Maxwell, Robert Redington, Nicolas Petit, Ryan Redington, Brett Bruggeman, Niklas Wikstrand, Sebastien Dos Santos Borges, and Lev Shvarts have scratched.
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