Request for Ticket Waiver - 2017 Connect Film Festival, Los Angeles
Event Timing: December 10th & 11th
Event Address: Sunset 5
Contact us at

This ticket type is for heads of organization or core staff of film organizations, and members of the Press.

Connect affiliated festivals and organizations include but are not limited to: Hollyshorts, New Filmmakers LA, Sundance, Tribecca, LA Shorts, LA Film Festival, Downtown LA Film Festival, Bluestocking Film Festival, Palm Springs Shorts, Palm Springs Film Festival, AFI Fest
Alliance of Women Directors, Women in Film, WIMPs, Film Fatales, Women in Media, AFM, Film Independent, IFP
Filmmaker's Alliance, We Make Movies
AFI, USC, UCLA, Chapman, TISCH film departments
And a variety of Australian and particularly Melbourne-based film organizations

* If invited to join us as an industry representative with a subsidized all-access pass, we ask that you try to attend at least one of the numerous happy hours and inner-circle networking opportunities to introduce yourself to staff and gain first hand experience of this vibrant community.

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If you are Press, how do you plan to cover the event? Will you provide us with coverage and links afterward? Please include a link to a sample of previous event coverage or upload a file in the question below. *Press requesting an All-Access Pass are required to visit the Connect Film Festival website and read our mission statement and other pages to get a clear picture of this organization. *
For Press ONLY you may upload a work sample here.
Connect Film Festival
Connect Film Festival was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2013 as a way to celebrate every person involved in the creative process of filmmaking and connect departments to make dynamic new work

Our active members include an Academy Award-nominated Director (Patrick Vollrath, "Everything Will Be Ok" live action short 2016), multiple Project Greenlight finalists, and dedicated filmmakers at all stages of their careers. All active members are required to provide contact information, participate in local events, or send in video greetings and in general be supportive and available to other Connect members.

Connect Film Festival hosts one major film festival each year and multiple pop-up screenings in towns across the US, like Austin, TX and Boston, MA as well as our sister city of Melbourne. Outside of the festival, Connect is also a job hub and creative hive of interconnected filmmakers. We are able to include a robust group of creatives from every department by providing opportunities for networking, mentoring, and collaboration both in-person and online.

For more information about Connect Film Festival Please visit: or:
Twitter: Instagram:
Founder: Lindsey-Loon Ricker 2017 LA team: Erin Neumeyer, Jason Hampton, Kelly Raymer

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