ABS Family Volunteer Questionnaire
The Parent Council Board has received requests to improve the system we utilize to fulfill our volunteer commitment.

As a board, we have all completed varying amounts of volunteer hours per year. Work schedules, travels schedules, extracurricular activities, family schedules, etc. all take precious hours of our days. We understand that volunteering one hour per child per school week can be difficult at times.

Please take a moment to provide anonymous feedback. Your family will not be identified unless you choose to do so.

Thank you in advance!
Please provide your family members' grade(s).
Did you volunteer last year?
If not, why?
Your answer
Which categories best describe the areas for which you have volunteered?
When do you complete your volunteer hours?
How many hours did your family volunteer per week last year on average?
How many hours did your family volunteer last year overall?
How do you log your volunteer hours?
If you don't log your hours, please let us know what would make it easier to do so.
Your answer
Do you have a difficult time finding ways to volunteer?
If you had a difficult time finding ways to volunteer, please provide comments.
Your answer
Do you have a skill or ability you could contribute to ABS? Please describe how your skill set could be utilized.
Your answer
We have an immediate need for a team of tech support volunteers. Do you have experience troubleshooting issues with the following electronic products used throughout the school?
Do you have a flexible schedule that would allow you to troubleshoot tech issues at ABS during school hours?
As we look at the ABS website, we would love the help of our families. Please let us know if you have experience as any of the following. If so, we will be in touch.
If you are willing to help with tech issues or the website, please provide your contact information so that we can reach out.
Your answer
How do you communicate with your teachers?
Please rate Shutterfly on its user-friendliness.
Below expectations
Above expectations
Please provide feedback about your rating on Shutterfly above.
Your answer
The Parent Council Board has discussed creating a centralized volunteer system so that families can volunteer throughout the school. Do you see a need for a system that would provide these opportunities or do you believe that you are notified of these opportunities through your teacher or class rep?
Your answer
The goal of the Parent Council Board is to liaison between ABS families and the school. Do you have suggestions of additional ways the Parent Council can help families?
Your answer
Are there any additional items Parent Council could help communicate to teachers on behalf of families?
Your answer
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