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What Is Huggable Happiness? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Huggable Happiness is a teenage run public charity, that has the mission of influencing, inspiring, and informing adolescents in our local community. As mentioned before, as teenagers ourselves, we have noticed a trend. We see constantly expectations placed on our generation that, especially in the field of community service, could be much higher. We have noticed a lack of involvement of teenagers in our community and we have made it our goal to show that teenagers can do great things in our communities. We accomplish this by launching projects that are designed, run and planned by teenagers. Huggable Happiness Corp. was founded in December of 2017, by Luke Gilligan. Since Huggable Happiness main goal is to influence teenagers, the most logical institution to partner with, are schools. This is the proposal for how Huggable Happiness Corp, will implement its chapters into local schools.

Expand Huggable Happiness Corp. operations to local schools and multiply the amount of volunteers involved.
Benefit ongoing projects.

If there is interest in opening a chapter of Huggable Happiness in a local school, the interested party will contact a director of Huggable Happiness by email with the specifications their school presents to create a club. From there we will be able to start to gain members and start the club.
Each chapter will be impacting the current projects that Huggable Happiness Currently has running. As well as impacting current projects, they will be able to apply to start new ones.
Each meeting will consist of a brainstorming session, and delegation of responsibilities to how the club will impact each project.
The club will make a tangible impact on the community. They will run fundraisers to gain materials such as craft supplies of toys in which Huggable Happiness will use in their Cuddly Cubbies, or other materials needed for their projects. Or the club needs to run their projects. When starting a project, the project will be student run and be impact tangibly their surrounding community.

The Club will form 3 teams:
Dreamers: This team brainstorms ways that the club can best use the materials available to impact current projects.
Fundraising: This team designs the fundraising campaigns and or events to gain materials needed.
Directors: There will be one Director for each ongoing project. These directors will meet to make sure they are being efficient and using the available materials and people in the best way.

If you would like start a Huggable Happiness Club at your school, please fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you ASAP.

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