Amigos de UCLA Spring 2019 Volunteer Application
Welcome to Amigos de UCLA! Please fill out this application and submit it by Friday March 22nd by 11:59 pm. We will review all applications and let you know our decision on Sunday March 24th.

Training will take place Week 2 of Winter Quarter during the site time of the day you select. Site will begin Week 3 and run through Week 9.

If you have any questions, please check our website ( or email us at


Amigos de UCLA

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If you are a NEW volunteer, have you worked with children, or tutored in any age group before? If so, please describe your experience(s).
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For returning volunteers, is there a mentee (or mentees) you would like to work with again next quarter?
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All sites meet weeks 2-9, except on holidays. You must attend your site day each week.
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If your first choice is full, you will be placed in your second choice.
Have you been TB tested in the last two years? *
*If you have been TB tested please have a copy of the results at hand.
If you do not have a TB Test: *
All volunteers in LAUSD are required to show proof of a tuberculosis test. If you do not have an up-to-date immunization (within the past 3 years), please visit the Ashe Center. You can do a walk-in appointment at the first floor of Ashe Center. Please be pro-active in ensuring you have a copy of your test results before site begins.
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In the event of an emergency at site, we would like a contact to inform as soon as possible. This can be a parent, family member, friend or roommate. Please include a NAME and PHONE NUMBER.
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In case of emergency, I authorize Amigos de UCLA staff to take me to the nearest emergency facility and for them to administer the treatment necessary for my safety and protection. I understand that Amigos de UCLA has no insurance covering such medical or hospital costs, and therefore, any cost incurred for such treatment shall be my sole responsibility. Amigos de UCLA nor the University of California will not compensate, insure or indemnify you for any incident, loss of property, illness or injury that may occur during the activity.
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