T&I website copy: what makes you feel stuck?
Everybody says a website is a must to promote your business, but many translators and interpreters fell like they lack time, bandwidth and skills to write for themselves in a way that would be authentic and appealing. Take this survey and find out whether your approach to writing about your T&I business is different from that of other translators and interpreters
What - if anything - do you find most frustrating about working on your website copy?
What - if anything - do you want to achieve the MOST through your website?
When looking for information on website copy and design best practices, what matters MOST to you? What are you looking for above all else?
Do you ever wish you could get personal help with writing your website copy… or even outsource it entirely?
No, not at all
Yes, I think about it frequently and feel like I might never get my website done with outside help
What is your biggest website challenge? Why?
Your answer
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