Membership Renewal
Resident accounts will expire on January 31st. (Residents are considered those who pay taxes to the towns of Liberty or Montville or have a residence address in Liberty or Montville.)
Membership Number
2494900000_ _ _ _ (last 4 numbers)
Last name *
Only 1 name. List the primary account holder.
First name *
Only 1 name. List the primary account holder.
Town of Residence *
Birth Year
This is so we can separate patrons by age group, such as children under 12, teens, seniors, etc. for grants and for reporting purposes.
Local Mailing Address *
Please include Street, Town and Zip Code.
Other Address
This may include physical road name that is not included in your mailing address. Or your winter or permanent address. Please include Street, Town, State, and Zip Code.
Preferred Phone Number *
Other Phone Number
Email address
This is used to notify you when your requested items are ready and when items are due. Please be sure it is an email address that is current and one that you check frequently.
Other people who can borrow from this account.
List names separated by commas. Please do not list names of those family members who have their own library accounts. (Note: The account is only searchable by the name of the primary account holder.) You can get additional accounts for family members at the library. They must be present to sign their name, including a parent signature if under age 12.
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