Liberty And Allegiance Application
Application to join Liberty and Allegiance
Describe your raiding experience in previous tiers and expansions, especially if you have not raided this expansion much or raided on different characters. If your previous experience was on a different character, please link their logs *
What is the primary spec/class you're applying as? *
Link to your main WoW character and any raid ready alts you'd like us to consider(please push enter before each additional link) *
Battletag *
Discord Tag *
What Raid teams would you like to be considered for? All times posted are in PST *
Justicar Team (Sat/Sun 7pm-11pm)
Knight Team (Mon-Weds 8pm-11pm)
X Team Tues/Weds (9pm-11pm)
Social Member Only
Not interested in any other teams
1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
Link to recent combat logs *
What other specs of your character(s) are you comfortable playing? *
How do you prepare for raiding in general? How do you prepare for a new boss? What tools do you use to assist in raiding? *
Part of progression raiding will involve potentially sitting at times due to comp requirements. How do you feel about being sat? *
Why are you applying to our guild specifically? *
Why have you left your last three guilds? *
Have you read the about us page and can you meet our expectations? *
How did you hear about us? *
Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about you? *
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