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NOTE: It is the responsibility of students and parents to inform themselves of current Board Policies and administrative and school rules regarding conduct that is subject to disciplinary action. These policies can be accessed on the school web site at www.magdalena.k12.nm.us. A printed copy of the policies can be requested from your school secretary. Please read the following below and sign at the bottom of the page. once you sign, you can click submit to send this form back to the school to be processed, thanks.
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1. Search and Seizure Policy #5051 2. Student dress/Attire Policy #5030 3. Notice to Parents or Students regarding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act #2055 4. Board of Education Student Attendance Policy #5015 5. Student Discipline Policy #5075 and/or Discipline Handbook (Middle/High School) 6. Sexual Harassment of Students Policy #5070 7. Bullying Policy #5074 8. Military Access to Students #5095
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