APG - Reporting your child absent from school today
Thank you for taking the time to report your child’s absence.
We appreciate that in some exceptional circumstances your child may be too unwell to attend school but we must advise parents that instances of absence should be rare and the expectation is that no child’s attendance falls below 96%.

Poor attendance has a significant impact on learning and social development.
Where your child’s attendance falls below 90% we are advised to report the case to external agencies who may choose to issue a fine or offer additional support to the family.
If you are not sure whether your child is well enough to be in school please send them in and their teachers or trained first aiders will assess them.

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Please note, completion of this form does not guarantee that your child’s absence will be authorised and you may receive a follow up phone call. The Ark Paddington Green Primary Academy attendance policy can be found here:


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