Constellation 2019 Event Submission Form
Welcome the to Constellation 2019 Event Submission Form!

If you have an event you would like to host at Constellation, you're in the right place. Whether you're looking to run a Tea House or Saloon out of your theme camp, looking to organize a kickball game or scavenger hunt, or want to stage roaming Shakespearean readings right after the burn, let us know the details and we'll get the information printed in our event guide so that people will know what's up.

When entering event information please use regular, upper and lower case English and punctuation. Emoticons, sms abbreviations, and RaNdOm caps will not appear in the printed guide and are a pain for our volunteer staff to remove. Copy may or may not be edited for length, content, or grammar. Remember this user created content will live forever on the internet, so please keep it PG-13!

In order to make the printed guide, events are due by 11:59PM on Sunday, September 22nd.
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Reminder - Use only capital and lower case letters, as well as punctuation. Emoticons, sms abbreviations, and RaNdOm caps, etc. will be deleted. Our team may need to edit your description for length, content, or grammar. Please remember to keep this PG-13 and SFW!
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For example, If this is a food event, should they bring a cup and plate? Or if you're running a tie-dye event, should they bring a white t-shirt or other piece of fabric? Etc.
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If your event is ongoing thru the ENTIRE weekend, you only need to submit it once. Click "Yes" and submit your form! Otherwise, click "No" and fill out the dates/times below.
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