Statewide Planning & Research Funds Application
Please complete this application by 3/13/20 at 11:59:59 p.m. CDT to be considered for these federal planning funds. Program Guidance is available here:
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1. Grantee/Organization Name *
Please provide the sponsor of the project.
2. Grantee/Organization Contact Name *
3. Grantee/Organization Contact Phone *
4. Grantee/Organization Mailing Address *
5. Grantee/Organization Contact E-mail *
6. Grantee/Organization Project Number
Add grantee/organization project number for tracking
7. Project Title *
Please provide a short/concise title for the project. This is how it will be commonly referred to.
8. Project Scope *
Please provide a description of the project. This should include an explanation of the need for the project, the ultimate product of the project (i.e. planning study), and how that ultimate project will be accomplished (i.e. data collection and analysis).
9. Deliverable to be Submitted
Please describe the product of completion for the project that will be delivered to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).
10. Total Cost of the Project *
Please indicate the total cost of the project. 20% match is required. Enter data as whole numbers, for example, 125,000.
11. Federal Amount of the Project *
Please indicate the federal amount of the project. At minimum this is 80% of the total project cost.
12. Would you like to request a waiver from providing local (non-federal) match? *
In some cases, especially if the project is assisting a disadvantaged/economically distressed community, the state can provide matching funds for the project. In this instance, the budget template should include all funds (federal and match) in Section A.
13. Please explain why a waiver from providing local match is being requested. *
Limited funds are available to provide local (non-federal) match. Instances where the project benefits a disadvantaged/economically distressed community will receive priority for receiving match assistance.
14. Source of Local (non-federal) Match *
Please add the source of local match. Make sure to indicate if it is already included in your agency's current fiscal year budget. If the request is to receive a waiver from providing local match, please indicate here that state funds are being request for local (non-federal) match.
15. Time needed to complete the project *
The earliest available start date would be approximately September 1, 2020. Please indicate when you anticipate beginning this project and the projected project completion date. Please be generous in your estimate to avoid unnecessary paperwork extending the project.
16. If the project spans more than one state fiscal year (SFY), please indicate the amount to be spent in each SFY.
State fiscal year is July 1-June 30. This program is for SFY 21. Additionally, indicate the costs for each phase. An example response for this item is: Total project cost $150,000. Anticipated SFY 21 expenditures for data collection and tool development - $100,000; Anticipated SFY 22 expenditures for final plan - $50,000.
17. For Locally sponsored projects, please provide: Name of Individual Authorized to Execute Project Agreement
18. For Locally sponsored projects, please provide: Title of Individual Authorized to Execute Project Agreement
19. For Locally sponsored projects, please provide: Email of Individual Authorized to Execute Project Agreement
20. For State sponsored projects, will significant staff time be used to prepare for this project, analyze data that comes from this project, or implement this project in any way?
21. Explain how this project assists in meeting the goals of the IDOT Long Range Transportation Plan or one of the Department's modal plans.
Make sure to include if it meets objectives/strategies/performance measures/implementation identified in the LRTP or modal plan. All plans are available here:
22. Explain how this project assists in implementing a performance based program development process.
This could include collecting, purchasing, or analyzing data.
23. Explain how this project helps implement asset management practices.
Explain how this project develops analytical tools or data collection that help prioritize future improvements to existing assets such as transit vehicles, pavement, and bridges, use asset condition data to predict the impact of different improvement strategies on future network conditions, or determine activities that will slow the rate of pavement and bridge deterioration so assets last as long as possible.
24. Explain how this project benefits a disadvantaged/economically distressed community.
Please explain how this project benefits a disadvantaged/economically distressed community. This could include, enhanced mobility for disadvantaged populations, economic development plan for under served communities, or other planning activities that benefit disadvantaged/economically distressed communities. Please make sure to include why this community is considered disadvantaged or economically distressed. While difficult to quantify for planning projects, the state has developed the following maps indicating some metrics that could be used to identify disadvantaged/economically distressed communities:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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