NAACL 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives
We're soliciting ideas about new initiatives at NAACL 2019.  The goal is to ensure that all NLP/CL researchers are able to attend the conference and have a good experience there!

(This form is from Natalie Schluter & Jason Eisner, who are co-chairing this new effort.  We can also be contacted by email at .  Thanks for your input!)
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Are there any specific problems we should know about?  (Problems at *ACL conferences that you or someone you know has personally experienced.)
Do you have any suggestions for solutions?
Would you like to volunteer for the Diversity & Inclusion committee for NAACL 2019?  Do you bring any special perspectives?  (We'd like a diverse committee that can help brainstorm improvements, make them happen, and make sure that they’re done right.)
If you answered "yes" to the previous question, make sure you gave us your email address at the top!
(optional) We're already considering some solutions.  Which of these would personally improve your experience of *ACL conferences?
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