Time and Talents
-Please complete as an individual and not as a family unit.
-The deadline for the survey is 1/19/2020.
-This section is not anonymous.
-The data collected will be filed with your contact information in the church's database.
-Paper submissions must be returned to the box on the welcome desk.
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Please select which opportunities to serve that you have historically participated in or would consider in the future. *
Interested in more information
Would like to serve
No interest
Serving on a church board
Serving as an usher
Serving as a greeter
Serving with music
Altar Committee
CBC Teacher
Assisting with LIFE group
Serving with food
Serving with treats
Assisting in regular church cleaning
Assistance in annual church cleaning (DW - Spring/TW - Fall)
Lawn mowing
Sidewalk shoveling
Members assisting memebers
Is there anything that prevents you from serving for any of these opportunities?
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