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Combo Title. (Examples: "Mid-Air Roman Cancel" or "Corner Grab Ultimate", or "Mid screen Double Super", etc. For more examples, look at the titles displayed on *
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Combo Damage Number. UPDATE: Avoid conducting combos against fighters with unusual damage multipliers. *
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Input Notations (Check to make sure input is correct)
Guilty Gear's Example: 66, 623S(CH), 66, c.S, 214S, (dl)c.S, 66.RC(BLUE), 5HS, 236S, 5HS, 236S, c.S, 214S, 44.RC(RED), 44, c.S, 2HS, 214S, 5[D]

MVC3's Example: Notation: 22S, j.214.L~L, 412M, jM.H, 214L, Back Dash, S, H, 4H, 2LS~2S, j.236L~L, 623M.M, 236 MH (Mash Attack Buttons)

Melty Blood: 2B, 2C, 6C, 623B, jcJC(H), dl.JB, 5B, 5C(H), 236A.A.A, 236BC

Please lookup on the notations for other games. You should be able to find more info on Google. If you need further questions or need changes to your combo, feel free to visit our Discord:
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