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Hey Everyone!  

Great to hear that you want to work with theCodeMatrix!

Please take some time to fill out this form and be totally honest since this is where you pick your team and what you want to work on during the school year.  

We are looking to continue our teaching programs while also branching out into hosting speaker events, and hackathons. Moreover, we are also looking to create partnerships with other companies/organizations. 

We will be also selecting officers for the teams in December, so make sure to join to have a chance to become an officer for any of the 5 teams!

About us:

theCodeMatrix is a student-run nonprofit that strives to prepare kids 5th-8th grade students for a future in which we frequently interact with machines and a world where arts and humanities are increasingly intersecting with technology. Our high school level student-volunteers teach kids to think like programmers in our virtual year round courses through games, activities and projects with an emphasis on creativity, communication, collaboration, and community. We look to partner with library branches across the nation in order to bring quality STEM education in various communities. We have already partnered with over 15 branches and taught 1200+ students since 2016, and have hosted several speaker events and hackathons.

Thank you!  

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