James Karpinos Need Based Scholarship Application
James Karpinos, aka “Karp”, was well known and respected across the UNC Asheville campus. James was an active trip leader for the University’s Outdoors Programs, propelling the caving program to high quality trips and leading new students through the backpacking, rafting, and rock climbing adventures of many Wilderness Experiences. His welcoming demeanor, fun loving attitude, and comforting presence made James one of the best trip leaders Outdoors Programs has ever had. In addition, he worked as a Residential Advisor on campus and was an outstanding student in the Sociology and Environmental Science Departments on campus.

James proved his exemplary passion for life off campus as well. James served for a year with the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps. After aiding in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, James and his fellow AmeriCorps team members became honorary citizens of the Saint Bernard Parish just outside of New Orleans. James studied abroad in Accra, Ghana, and was a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School.

The entire UNC Asheville community was shocked when, in April of 2008, James was tragically lost in an accident during his senior year. He was an accomplished outdoorsman, a passionate environmentalist, a talented athlete, a loyal friend, and a beloved brother and son.

With the memories of his remarkable dedication to the Outdoors Programs and global service, the friends and family of James Karpinos joined Campus Recreation to establish the James Karpinos Endowment Fund, which provides scholarships and training opportunities in the Outdoor Program for UNC Asheville students. In 2009, Campus Recreation began presenting full and partial scholarships to new UNC Asheville students attending the Wilderness Experience pre-rendezblue program. The scholarships were available based on need and merit.

In 2014, scholarship eligibility expanded to also include two additional pre-rendezblue programs - CSI: Community Service Involvement and It’s Easy Being Green.

Two types of scholarship opportunities exist that include a financial reward to help cover the expense of participating in Wilderness Experience, CSI: Community Service Involvement, or It’s Easy Being Green. New UNC Asheville students wanting to participate in any of these three programs can either apply for the need based scholarship or the service based scholarship via two separate forms. *****This form is the need-based application. If you would like to apply for the service-based application, please visit transition.unca.edu/pre-rendezblue. *****

The Karpinos family and friends know that James would want to help those who were financially challenged yet determined to participate in any of these programs. Additionally, his personal service activities make it appropriate that a scholarship be offered to individuals who experienced a unique service opportunity that greatly impacted their lives.

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