2022 Membership Requirement Waiver Form
The SAA Board has policy that presenting at the meeting is a privilege of membership. In the interest of broader dialogue with community leaders, descendent communities and scholars from other disciplines, we have a process for a waiver for this requirement. People who are eligible for a membership waiver are:

An individual who is invited to participate in an organized session (as a presenter or discussant) at the Annual Meeting in order to present information for the benefit of SAA members and who is neither an archaeologist nor a professional in a field whose members would normally belong to the SAA may have the membership requirement waived for one annual meeting.

Waiver requests must be submitted by the session chair. If the chair was unable to submit the membership waiver via the submissions portal, please submit the waiver request using this form by November 1st.

Decisions under this policy will be made by the Executive Director, who reviews whether the individual meets the criteria above.
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Session Chair: *
Chair email address: *
Session ID or Session Title: *
Request for: *
Participant's Profession (must be a non-archaeologist): *
Reason for participation: *
I understand that the participant must have the following qualifications to be considered for a membership waiver:
1) must be participating in an organized session
2) is not an archaeologist, an archaeology student, or a professional in a field whose members would normally belong to the SAA
3) has not previously waived membership for Annual Meeting participation
I certify that I have read and understand the agreement above: *
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