On Saturday, April 28th 2018, over 100 youth, staff, volunteers, mentors, alumni, and friends will fan out over the Kennett and West Grove Communities to serve at 15 local charities for our Youth Give Back Day. If you are interested in volunteering alongside us either individually or as a team, please fill out the form below!

Each service site will have a minimum of 5 volunteers (including students). You will be matched with a service site in early April after all of our registrations have come in. *Some service sites will require liability waivers.

Breakfast/Check-In (8:30AM-9:00AM) Kennett and West Grove Garage
Service Projects (9AM-1PM) - TBD
YGB Luncheon (1PM-2:30PM) - Optional

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Do You (or any other Team Members) have any physical limitations that might effect your capacity to serve for YGB? Please explain so we can do our best to accommodate (i.e. Unable to stand for long period of time, cannot lift more than 20lbs, etc.) *
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Do you (or your team) prefer to check-in at the Kennett or West Grove Garage on 4/28 between 8:30-9:00am before going out to serve? *
Do You (or your Team) plan to attend the YGB luncheon following our day of service at The Kennett Garage from 1-2:30PM? (A light lunch will be available) *
Do you (or you anyone on your team) have any dietary restrictions? Each volunteer will receive a "packed snack" (water, granola bar and apple) to take to your service project. (Please list and we will do our best to accommodate) *
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