AI education development 2019 round 2: Application form
AI Competence for Sweden is a national effort to increase competence in AI in Sweden. For more information about AI Competence for Sweden at Umeå University, visit this page: For information about the national initiative, visit this page:

As part of the AI Competence for Sweden efforts at Umeå University, we hereby invite researchers and teachers at Umeå University to apply for resources to be spent at Umeå University during 2019 to:
1) Transform/develop existing AI-courses to make them accessible to professionals in industry and in the AI Sweden portal,
2) Further develop AI modules, or include (more) AI in existing courses at basic or advanced levels.

We would like to encourage in particular development initiatives at the Humanities, Social Sciences and Medical faculties!

Deadline for the application: 2019-11-08 (notification Nov 12)
Note that the resources to be allocated to a course will not exceed 40 hours. About 230 hours will be allocated to 5-6 courses.

The implemented developments will have to be be reported at latest January 8, 2020 for the courses that get funding. More info on this will be given later.
Deadline November 8 2019
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