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Fill out this form to begin your registration process for Primal Ordeal 2017. Registration is not complete until we receive payment. We will notify you via email when we have received it. Each individual must register separately, but payment may be combined for multiple attendees. Please note this below as instructed. Payment must be made in advance of the event and no tickets will be sold at the gate. $5 of your registration fee covers annual membership in the Primal Ordeal community. This event is only for adults 18+.

Payment may be made via PayPal to

Alternatively, you may send a money order payable to KATINA HAALAND-RAMER. (If you have any questions, please contact Katessa Harkey (Registrar) at

Mail to:

Jonathan Mooney
10255 SE Leibe St.
Portland, OR 97229

We respect your right to privacy and will not share your information.

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You will be required to show ID when you get to registration. Please give your name as it appears on the identification you will use.
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Payment must be RECEIVED by the noted end-dates in order to qualify for discounts listed.
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If "other", please describe your position, relevant notes and the amount you are paying. Examples: "Payment also included for John Smith" OR "Paid for by Jamie Reed" OR "Vendor, 10 x 20, $120. My plus-one is Jane Doe." (Please make sure that names given are as they appear on individual registration forms to avoid delays.)
ORBS Tribute *
If you are including Tribute for multiple attendees or on behalf of an attendee other than yourself, please list all names in the "Other" section. (Donations gratefully accepted.) Once your registration is complete we will contact you to arrange suspension scheduling - first come, first serve. For this reason, we recommend that you do not let significant time lapse between registry and payment. Once all slots have been filled we will note this fact on the website under "Presenters".
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Meal Plan
We can't accomodate very specific diets, but we will do our best to take serious allergies into consideration. Please note these under "other".
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I understand that this event will involve adult activities and situations, including nudity and kink activities. I may see or experience things that make me uncomfortable. I am responsible for making my own decisions about the activities I choose for myself. I recognize that this is an intentional, sacred environment. I participate with full knowledge and at my own risk. I agree to honor the Community Values; understanding that failure to do so may result in my expulsion from the event with no refund at the sole discretion of the Producers. *
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