MomoCon Organization Table Request
Have a local group looking for some fan exposure? Come to MomoCon! It’s a great way for fan groups, cons, and creators to reach a huge audience for immediate feedback and promotions! We have a very limited amount of tables available free to local fan groups for promotional purposes on a first-come, first-served basis. Conventions that provided trade tables in the previous year take precedence in fan table placement.

Please note, vendors, colleges, open sales, artists, recruiters, talent agents, and some others do not qualify for this area and may be rejected. Organization tables do not come with complementary MomoCon memberships, so please plan accordingly. Conventions are welcome to inquire about badge trades. MomoCon makes no claims about the location of tables, we will do the best we can to accommodate with placement but make no promises about specific locations for organization tables in the hall or specific tables within the section.

If you are a group selling products, you may not qualify for this area. Vendor applications are available here:
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MomoCon is a 4-day event, do you understand that you are expected to man your table for the majority of the convention primary hours (with flexibility on Thursday/Sunday) *
Tables are not intended to be left empty to hold flyers with no human presence most of the weekend.
Do you intend to sell branded merchandise and/or con memberships at your table? *
Are you an independent game creator or looking to sell non-branded merchandise at the event?
While this does not necessarily preclude you from being a part of the Organization tables section, we have opportunities in our Indie Games section, Tabletop demos area, Career Fair, and Exhibitors Hall that may fit your needs.
Are you interested in power, dedicated internet, extra chairs, or other items available through our decorator?
Power and internet does not standardly come with a table, but we can provide you with a drop through our decorator at a cost. Clicking "yes" on this item is no obligation to purchase, we will send you a full decorator packet with information only.
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