Elective Course Request 2020-2021
Dear Student and Parent/Guardian,

Please complete this survey even if you already turned in your elective choices on paper.

1. Read the 20-21 Course Catalog available on the school website.
2. Rank your top 6 elective choices
3. Have parents/guardians agree by checking the box provided in this survey.
4. Complete by April 10, 2020

Note: World Languages priority will be given to 8th grade students. 7th Graders can choose French or Mandarin if the enrollment is low in those classes. There will not be a 2nd year of World Language available, so any 7th grader that wanted to take a world language in 8th grade would have to either repeat the class or take a different world language.

Note: Based on school district requirements, students may be placed in a support class in lieu of an elective. These support classes include:
Math Workshop for math support
Strategic Academic Strategies for students with IEPs
English Language Development for students designated Limited English Proficient
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Lincoln Middle School strives to meet the needs of all students. We may be able to provide additional support for academics, social emotional health, and personal growth. Choose from the list of supports below that you think would be beneficial for your student.
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