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Question of the Day 2020-2021
Welcome delegates to the virtual S.L.A.A. Annual Business Conference/Meeting.
Each year at in-person ABMs the delegates have been so kind to give their thoughtful answers to the question of the day for the Journal. Please take a moment of your time to fill out this form with your answers. If you would like to include your first name and city please do so- otherwise, all answers are anonymous.
The Journal team is grateful for your service.
#189 March/April God Shot Describe any experiences that have proven to/reminded you that a Higher Power exists. How has this helped your recovery?
#190 May/June Returning to Romantic Relations Have you ever returned to romantic relations after a period of abstinence in the S.L.A.A. program? Please share any issues and concerns and how you dealt with them.
#191 July/Aug *ABM Issue* Breakdown to Break Through Do you feel Higher Power demolished your life to build it back up with a stronger foundation? Please share your experience strength, and hope.
#192 Sept./Oct. People as Drugs “Through sex, charm, emotional appeal, or persuasive intellect, we had used other people as ‘drugs,’ to avoid our own personal inadequacy.” S.L.A.A. Basic Text page 74. Please share your story of using people as drugs and your experience strength and hope in overcoming the desire to use people as drugs.
#193 Nov./Dec. Pink Cloud According to, Pink clouding, or Pink Cloud Syndrome, is a phenomenon many recovering addicts experience when they first go into recovery. When pink clouding, they feel a sense of euphoria that's then followed by a crash once reality sets in. Have you experienced a “pink cloud” in recovery? If so, please describe your experience and how it impacted your recovery. How did you maintain your connection to Program/spirituality?
#194 Jan./Feb Truth Being Revealed in Higher Power’s Time. Have you found that Higher Power has shown you the truth about something important gradually rather than immediately upon your demands? Please share your experience, strength, and hope with truth being revealed in Higher Power’s time.
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