Hi there! In partnership with The Non-Clinical PT, Lauren Sheehan, OTD, OTR/L (along with several other folks from the spotlight series) is considering offering coaching/mentorship services for our readers! We are starting the process with a pilot program for people who want mentorship in a career in rehabilitation technology**.

An appropriate candidate for mentorship/coaching would be someone interested in product development and/or improvement or deployment of rehabilitation technology.

**(Rehab technology defined is: the systematic application of technologies, engineering methodologies, or scientific principles to meet the needs of and address the barriers confronted by individuals with disabilities in areas which include education, rehabilitation, employment, transportation, independent living, and recreation. The term includes rehabilitation engineering, assistive technology devices, and assistive technology services.)

Please help us deliver the most helpful possible program by answering some questions for us! Thank you so much for your input...we will keep you posted as we put together a program :)

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What is your biggest challenge with landing a rehab technology job?
Feel free to expand on your challenges landing a rehab technology job; your input helps us ensure the best possible mentorship/coaching program.
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Are you interested in 1:1 mentorship/coaching from a therapist working with a rehab technology company?
If you chose "yes" or "maybe" above, please let us know what you'd like to get from your mentorship/coaching sessions.
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Optional: feel free to let us know your preferred patient population or focus (neuro, UE/LE, etc.) area that interests you most.
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