Design Manchester 18
Partners and contributors old and new are invited to submit ideas and proposals for DM18, Manchester's annual festival of design which this year takes from from 11-22 October on the theme of DISRUPT!

We partner with brands, organisations and individuals from all over the world and this, our sixth year, will be no exception, so we are looking for likeminded partners to deliver events as part of the festival, .

You will receive a copy of the information you submitted by email. If you do not receive this email, or if any of the details you submit have changed, please inform the DM team as soon as possible.

The deadline for submitting this form is Monday 30 April. The DM team will be in touch with you about your event as soon as possible thereafter. The earlier you submit, the more likely it is that we will be able to accommodate your idea. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the festival team by emailing

Some points to note:

• Design Manchester is a nonprofit organisation.
• Where possible, we like events to be low cost or free to the public.
• Events will normally be required to make a proportional contribution to the overhead of running the festival. We will discuss this with you if the project proceeds. Please do not see it as an obstacle to submitting your idea.
• If you need help or support with any of the points outlined, please let us know. It is great when partner events can be self-sufficient, but we may be able to help with venues, scheduling, promotion and other practical matters if required.

The benefits we bring to Design Manchester events include:

• Public and industry engagement: as one of the largest creative industries festival outside London, DM17 attracted 74,000 visitors to its events, with a total footfall of 120,000.
• Inclusion in national and international PR campaign: last year's coverage had a potential reach of 250m.
• A large-scale marketing campaign including outdoor, print, citywide leaflets and brochures.
• Support via all usual social channels plus a paid social media marketing campaign: in 2018 the reach of our campaign was 30m.
• Selected events will be photographed and filmed.

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