Spring Recruitment Sign Up <3
Hi potential new members! We are so thrilled to have you sign up for our spring recruitment! Recruitment is one of our most fun and exciting events where it's all about getting to know you and having some fun with our actives! Please fill out this form to sign up for recruitment; and be sure you attend whatever specific night you selected to attend or be sure to inform us if something changes! We ask this because we will be making arrangements for the number of girls that attend each night! Thanks so much & hope to see you there! :)
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Which recruitment night(s) will you be attending? *You may attend as many as you like but just make sure to come to one :) *
Do you need a ride to Mueller park for in-person recruitment? *
Meet the beautiful ladies who have been working with me this semester to make recruitment safe and fun for you all! They are so servant-hearted, and it has been an honor to work with them! We cannot wait to meet you! :)
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