Constellation 2017: Leadership Application
Hooray! Thank you for expressing your interest in being one of the amazing people who will help make our first Constellation truly spectacular!

Department Coordinator -> Sphere Lead

** There are 4 Sphere teams that will be overseen by Sphere Leads
** Each Sphere team will include a variety of Departments that are managed by a Coordinator or two.
** An additional Sphere team, Finance and Purchasing, is currently managed entirely by the board of directors.

Each Department Coordinator will be encouraged to recruit volunteers to help fulfill their team's responsibilities. We expect that many of the Coordinators will be working closely with Coordinators both within their Sphere and within other Spheres. For instance, Burning Arts, while nestled within the Arts and Community Sphere, will inevitably work closely with the Fire Safety team.

Please take a look at the list below, and complete the following form. While some of these Coordinator roles have been filled, we're interested in what YOU want to do!

After you submit this form, a Sphere Lead for the team you've applied to join will be in touch with you very shortly to discuss next steps.

Spheres and Departments include:
-> Arts and Community Sphere:
** Art Curation : Art Grants, Burning Arts, Art Car Registration
** Volunteer Recruitment, Management and Appreciation
** Greeting
** Sound
** Stage
** Theme Camps and Placement (City Planning)

-> Communications Sphere:
** Website
** Newsletter
** WWW
** Survival Guide
** Media
** Acculturation Signage

-> Operations and Logistics Sphere:
** Department of Public Works
** Leave No Trace
** Storage and Transport
** Inventory
** Essential signage
** Site Maintenance
** Gate and Entry
** Ticketing
** Parking
** Traffic
** Ice

-> Safety Sphere:
** Fire Safety
** Fire Perimeter
** Fire Conclave
** First Aid
** Rangers
** Sanctuary
** Security

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