Beantown Stomp 2019 Feedback
Thanks for coming to Beantown Stomp, and thanks for filling out this survey!

All the "scale from 1 to 5" questions have 5 as the good end.

Feel free to leave questions blank where you don't have an opinion.
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How was the weekend, overall?
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What did you like most about the weekend?
What did you dislike most about the weekend?
We had the Free Raisins, Chimney Swift, Polaris, and an Open Band, with Nils, Angela, Dereck, and Shari.
How was the music?
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How was the calling?
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How was the Cambridge Masonic Hall?
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How was the food?
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How was sound?
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If you didn't use childcare, just leave this question blank
How was Childcare?
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Other thoughts
Any thoughts on the format?
Any thoughts on registration?
Any thoughts on housing?
Any thoughts on transportation?
Any thoughts on fragrances?
Any thoughts on Larks/Ravens?
Any thoughts on restrooms?
Any final thoughts?
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Would you be interested in helping organize a future Beantown Stomp?
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