Climate Action Survey
From the Cape Ann Climate Coalition...
The Vision, Policy & Legislation (VPL) Group is asking everyone who has expressed an interest in the Cape Ann Climate Coalition (and provided their email address) to complete this short survey. Our aim is to inform and engage coalition members in supporting climate-related legislation, or other initiatives that will benefit Cape Ann, and the planet as a whole.
We believe it is important to take informed action, and make our voices heard to help move important legislation forward on issues that will really make a difference. We would like to know more about your level of interest, knowledge, and engagement in several key areas that may be the subject of state and federal climate legislation, or of other climate action initiatives. This will help us to focus requests for action initiatives to the appropriate individuals, and avoid overwhelming others with requests they are not interested in. We also need your complete contact information to assist these efforts, as well as other Coalition outreach activities.
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