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Is the group class you want already in session and unavailable? :( No problem! Request a group class today! Please note that group classes are $20/student per class and siblings from one household can enroll for the price of one student until the end of 2020. 1:1 classes are $35/student and you can sign up anytime @
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Ottiya offers classes for kids ages 4-10
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Please note that classes usually are 5-weeks long and are once a week. We can also do twice a week!
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Group classes require the participation of at least two students from different households. If you want to go solo, you can sign up for a 1:1 class. P.S. up to two siblings can sign up for the price of one student until the end of the year as long as they are on the same computer!
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e.g. zero/minimal background | beginner (know basic hangul Korean alphabet) | intermediate (can converse in Korean and know intermediate level Korean writing)
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