Discipleship Survey
This survey is not a holiness test. In this time of uncertainty and looking forward to the future we want to get an indication of where we are at as a Church family, how we can continue to encourage and enable people grow in faith.

All responses will be kept anonymous. We hope that you feel you can answer honestly and openly and if you have any questions please send them to: Jay@stjameschurchcampden.co.uk

For each question simply tick the answer that most fits you. Only tick one answer per question unless the question specifically asks you to tick more than one answer.
Section One: You
What age bracket are you in?
Section Two: Gathering as the Church
I have been attending my local Parish
Which congregation(s) do you attend regularly?
Which is your local parish?
Before Covid-19 approximately how often did you attend a worship service? *
During Covid-19 when services were only online, approximately how often did you log on to a worship service? *
Do you ever watch/listen to worship services digitally (including television & radio)?
If Yes to the above, could you share with us which mediums you found helpful?
Are you part of a home group?
Do you socialise with people from church outside of church events and/or gatherings?
Section Three: Being with Jesus (Reading the Bible)
Excluding church services/homegroup, how often do you read your bible? (including listening to the bible by bible app/online). *
When I read the bible I usually read: *
When I read the bible I usually:
When I read the bible I usually: (Tick all the answers that apply to you)
Please tell us if you use any of the following resources (whether physical book or online) to help you when you read the bible:
Section Four: Being with Jesus (Prayer)
Apart from during worship services and home group gatherings, approximately how often do you personally pray?
Clear selection
How do you pray? (select your top four):
When you pray what do you most commonly pray about?
Who do you pray with? (Tick all relevant)
When I pray I feel that God answers me…. (please select all that apply to how you feel)
Section Five: Learning from Jesus
In the Scriptures we discover many practises that we are given to help us learn more from God and about God. These are not things we do "for" God, but spiritual disciplines/practises, or "means of grace", that help us grow as disciples. The following is not an exhaustive list but areas we have been particularly invested in recent years.
How do you engage with silence and solitude?
How have the churches becoming ‘eco churches’ impacted on your own household and responding to ethical/environmental issues?
How has your household engagement changed, as a result of the church’s ‘eco church’ status and the conversations in church about our need to care for the environment? Please give an example.
How do you engage with generosity? (offering your time/love/finance/advice/wisdom)
Clear selection
If your engagement in generosity is time, in what way is this given? (For example, it could be volunteering or serving in some capacity at Church or in the community):
Do you support the local church financially?
Clear selection
If you are a regular giver, which method do you use?
How often does what and how we do church impact the way you live your life? For example, do sermons/liturgy/the eucharist/ help you to think and make appropriate adjustments to the way you live out your faith?
If you struggle with a particular teaching of Jesus or a teaching of the Church please tell us which one is currently proving challenging:
Discipleship is about learning to live like and reflect Jesus in the world today. This is ultimately a work of the Holy Spirit who produces the fruit of the Spirit (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control) in us. At present where do you feel the Holy Spirit is at work challenging and shaping you to grow to become more like Jesus in these fruits?
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