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The Graduate Writing Intensive (GWI) is specially designed for new CEHD graduate students (masters and doctoral level) with fewer than 18 credits completed toward their degree.

This eight-week mini-course will cover the fundamentals of graduate-level writing and introduce invaluable tools that can help reduce the stress of producing high-quality, graduate-level papers for both coursework and capstone, thesis, and dissertation writing.

Participants will practice the iterative process of writing (invention, collection, organization, first draft, revising/editing, second draft, revising/editing, final draft) as they produce two papers, a Writing Autobiography and a Theme Paper on the topic of their choice. Throughout the course, students will be introduced to university resources (library, writing center, etc.) and online sources (scholarly search engines, citation managers, grammar- and plagiarism-checkers, etc.).

The GWI is for you if you are returning to the classroom after a hiatus in the professional world, are an international student needing help transitioning to the North American academic writing style, or you have always been a good-enough writer, but want to become a more confident, competent writer as you pursue this next level in your academic career.

When: Face-to-face on six Saturdays: Sept 14, 21, 28, Oct 12, 19, and Nov 2, 10:30 am - 4:30 pm, with an hour break for lunch. Note: These are not consecutive weekends. During the two off-weeks, participants will work on annotated bibs one week and provide on-line feedback on their peers' process drafts and polish up their own final drafts the other.

Where: Room 3077 Waldo Library + Graduate Commons in Waldo Library for breakout independent writing sessions

The fee for this no-credit course is $300 for all students, whether in-state or out-of-state, domestic or international.

You can pay the fee via debit/credit card here --> https://tinyurl.com/CEHD-GWI-Fee

Space is limited to 15 students.

Questions? Please contact the GWI instructor, Mary Ebejer (mary.ebejer@wmich.edu).
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