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Members of Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) recently ratified a democratic structure for the organization that includes a statewide Representative Council (RC) that will be made up of ORMA members representing geographical affiliates, unaffiliated members, and identity caucuses comprised of members from underserved and/or unequally served communities.

We believe that caucuses such as these will help connect the many communities and constituencies within ORMA and within our larger movement, by building real relationships, identifying common interests and priorities, and representing and amplifying the voices within our organization that can often be marginalized, underrepresented and muted.

As a starting point, we will be creating discussion groups for ORMA members who belong to these communities:
POC (People of Color) Caucus
Disability Caucus
Working Class/Poor Caucus
Women's, Femme, Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Caucus
Youth Caucus
Immigrant Caucus

If you are interested in joining a caucus, please sign up using the form below, and we will add you to the selected caucus discussion group(s) and provide more information about the upcoming Representative Council elections.

To learn more, please visit

Please see our interim caucus guidelines here:
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Which of these caucuses would you be interested in joining or learning more about?
In general, these caucuses are intended to be a space for people who consider themselves members of one or more of these communities.
These caucuses are intended as a starting point - we hope that more will emerge as our organization grows. If you would be interested in forming another type of caucus, please let us know here.
Keep in mind that a caucus should eventually include at least 10 members.
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