HalfStack Sponsor Request
Thank you for your interest in sponsoring HalfStack, our UI focused JS conference series. We have four events planned currently:

* HalfStack New York City, 23rd of August, 2019, up to 270 attendees
* HalfStack Vienna, 20th of September, 2019, up to 300 attendees
* HalfStack London, 22nd of November, 2019, up to 170 attendees
* HalfStack Phoenix, 17th of January, 2020. up to 170 attendees

Each event provides a relaxed environment for creative sessions to explore the limits of JavaScript and web engineering. We customize each event to have a local flair that reflects the community in each area. For example, our London event is held in a pub and includes a JavaScript pub quiz for the afterparty, whereas our Phoenix event will be in a theater and include a showing of a retro-tech movie such as Hackers.

In order to keep the event affordable to all attendees, we are looking for sponsors to help cover the costs for the venue, refreshments, afterparty, speaker travel, and more. We are focused on providing a valuable experience to our sponsors while making sure that we preserve a high quality experience for attendees.

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