WHY SHE VOTES - PSA Film Application
The 2020 ONE WOMAN ONE VOTE Student PSA Film Competition invites students to create PSAs to engage young voters- nationwide- to mobilize and to get out the vote. The Competition is encouraging students to use independent film, video and new media to challenge and excite audiences, inspiring them to impact their peers and make a difference for all.

Through December 1, 2019, we are accepting 30-SECOND TRT PSAs, with an emphasis on informing, inspiring, and activating youth on the importance of voting.

- Be featured prior to 2020 One Woman One Vote Festival events
- Be featured on the 2020owovfest.org website along with the filmmaker's profile
- Be included in the Festival in a Box collection of films distributed nationwide during the 2020 Centennial of women gaining the right to vote.
- Winning PSA filmmakers will receive VIP invitations to 2020 One Woman One Vote Festival events.

For additional information contact the 2020 One Woman One Vote Festival: 2020owovfest[dot]org or call 202-780-7054.
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