Xpress Development Guide survey
As Mountain Xpress plans its guide to local government decision-making for land development in Asheville and Buncombe County, we want to hear from you. Your input will help us shape the content and design of the guide, which will be published in January.

This short questionnaire asks about your current knowledge of the development process, past experience with local development projects and thoughts about tools that would help your future involvement. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

If you have other comments or input about the guide, please email Assistant Editor Daniel Walton at DWalton@mountainx.com or call 828-251-1333 ext. 138.
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Current knowledge
How informed are you about using the following ways to participate in local government decision-making?
Not informed.
A little informed.
Moderately informed.
Very informed.
Submit written comment to a public body.
Speak during an official public comment period.
Contact a public official via email or phone.
Participate in a neighborhood meeting about a project.
Apply for a project to be approved by local government.
Clear selection
How informed are you about using the following ways to stay updated on local development projects?
Not informed.
A little informed.
Moderately informed.
Very informed.
Local government development trackers.
Planning documents submitted to local government bodies.
Local government GIS/map applications.
Public records requests.
Clear selection
How familiar are you with the following public bodies that make decisions about local development?
Not familiar.
A little familiar.
Moderately familiar
Very familiar
Asheville City Council.
Asheville Planning and Zoning Commission.
Asheville Design Review Committee.
Asheville Technical Review Committee.
Buncombe County Board of Commissioners.
Buncombe County Board of Adjustment.
Buncombe County Planning Board.
Clear selection
What's your biggest current frustration with the local development process?
Past involvement
In what ways have you ever participated in local government decision-making about a development project, such as an apartment complex, subdivision or hotel? Check all that apply.
What types of development projects have you previously been engaged with? This could commenting as an individual, participating as part of a citizen group or working as a developer. Check all that apply.
If you haven't participated in local government decision-making about development, why haven't you? Check all that apply.
Future tools
What information and resources about the local development process would you most want to see in a guide?
What information that you don't currently have would make you feel more confident in participating in local government decision-making?
What else would you like to share?
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