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What Is Online Coaching?
Online Coaching is a personal training and nutrition service offered completely through the internet for $75.00(+tax) per month. Whether you need help with your training, nutrition or both, this is the solution!

An initial FaceTime or Zoom consultation gives us a chance to meet and discuss your fitness goals and training experience.We’ll work together via email and text to create a customized program based on your goals and the equipment you have available. We provide feedback on your form, provide program updates and nutrition consultation as needed!

While the level of personalization is certainly limited with coaching through the internet, we still deliver a high level of individualization for each client. We accommodate everyone regardless of lifestyle, age, injuries, goals, training history, or work schedule. Everyone is coached differently because everyone is different!
What Do You Get With Online Coaching?
-- No Long-Term Commitment (Month To Month)

-- 1 Initial FaceTime Or Zoom Consultation

-- Customized Programming Based On Your Goals, Experience, Lifestyle, Preference, And Equipment Availability

-- Evidence-Based Nutrition Consulting

-- Up To 3x Per Week Support Via Text Or Email

-- End-of-Week Video Update via Facebook Messenger

-- Access To Exercise Library With Video Demos (in creation)

-- List Of Educational Resources On Nutrition (Youtube/Articles/Studies)

-- Entitled To Weekly Program Updates

-- Entitled To Weekly Form Checks Via Google Drive

-- Entitled To Monthly Facetime Or Zoom Check-ins
Who Is Online Coaching For?
-- Individuals who travel frequently but want to maintain a healthy lifestyle while away from home

-- Individuals who already work out at a gym but need some guidance on how to continue making progress

-- Individuals who want the guidance and support of a qualified trainer without the price tag of in-person training

-- Individuals who are naturally independent and self-motivated but lack the expertise and knowledge

-- Individuals who want to lose weight and learn about nutrition and are motivated to apply healthy eating strategies to their lifestyle
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