A Taste of Clown ▲ Workshop
► 3 Days of Clown-Discovery with Walter Anichhofer (Austria) ◄

Research on one’s own clown begins by looking for one’s own ridiculous and silly side. Unlike in commedia dell’arte, there is no preestablished character to support the actor, so he or she has to discover the clown part within him- or herself.

Walter Anichhofer studied at the International Theatre School of Jacques Lecoq in Paris. He worked for over 20 years with Theater YBY creating most of all clownish physical theatre. He is currently teaching at the Athanor Academy in Passau, Germany, where he has been working alongside David Esrig for almost 20 years.

Walter will be doing a 3 hours / day workshop lasting for 3 days for 2 separate professional groups.
Professionals: anyone working or studying in the fields of performing arts (actors, puppeteers, dancers, physical theatre performers etc.)

Time of workshop: 19–21. September
Professionals ► 10:00–13:00
Professionals (afternoon group) ► 15:00–18:00

Location: Kónya Ádám Community Center
Maximum number of participants accepted: 12 persons / group

Age limit is 14+.
The workshop is in English. Basic understanding of English language is essential.
To bring: a costume that makes you feel silly (don’t bring a carnival or a classic theatre costume!); several hats!

Participation fee is 100 RON which includes a ticket for Coulrophobia on Thursday, 19ᵗʰ September. The participation fee ought to be paid on the first day of the workshop, on site.

► Application deadline: 15ᵗʰ September, midnight. ◄
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