Understanding student experiences of learning dance
This questionnaire asks questions about your time learning dance in Australian dance studios.

It does not matter if you have taken one dance class or many classes. You may still be dancing today or you might have stopped dancing years ago - you can still fill out the questionnaire.

The data is being collected by Dr Elena Lambrinos (elena@disruptdance.com)

The aim of the research project is to gain some understanding of how experiences of dance education in Australia my be different for different people. The first step, we believe, is to get first hand data from people who have learned dance in Australian dance studios. Learning about your experiences in dance will help us to be better teachers now and in the future. The responses will be analysed to shape best practice for dance teachers.

The questionnaire is completely voluntary, and you are not required to complete it. Apart from 7-10 minutes of your time, there are no risks associated with participation. The questionnaire asks you to contribute your email if you wish. If you do, your responses will be de-identified if used in any publication or dissemination.

You can withdraw your data at any time by contacting Elena Lambrinos.

Results will be shared with teachers and studio owners in Australia as well as governing bodies to to help schools make decisions about teacher training in dance. While participating will not necessarily benefit you directly, it will benefit dance studios and dance teachers in Australia. In the future this data may also be used for other purposes such as research, marketing and informing policy.

You are free to discuss this questionnaire with anyone you wish.

By clicking the 'next' button and completing this questionnaire, you are giving your consent  to participate and for your responses to be used in the project.

If you have questions about the research you can contact Elena via email at elena@disruptdance.com
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