Trivia Tuesdays
Welcome to Trivia Tuesdays! Every week, the Vicksburg District Library will upload 15 new trivia questions for you to think over during the pandemic. Play against yourself or against a friend! Answers will be posted to our Facebook on Wednesday evenings. There are no prizes or grading involved. Just a bit of random fun. Who knows? Maybe you'll learn something new!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020
1. Who is painter Pablo Diego Jose Fancisco de Paula Juan Neponuceno Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad better known as?
2. What do you call the small model a sculptor makes before executing the final piece?
3. What second prequel film to Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise was released in 2017?
4. In what city is the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival, with “bumbershoot” being another word for “umbrella?”
5. In 2006, what NFL team joyfully returned to the Superdome to play a game on September 25th, their first after the Katrina-damaged arena was rebuilt?
6. Which magazine debunked the 2012 Mayan calendar doomsday myth when it discovered a Guatemalan mural with timelines stretching 7,000 years into the future?
7. In 1967, which female singer became the first African American to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine?
8. Which state, famous for its gooey mud pies, is the birthplace of Jim Henson and BB King?
9. Against what crusading US Senator does Edward R. Murrow wage a war of words in the 2005 film Good Night, and Good Luck?
10. What is the alias of FBI bigwig Mark Felt, the informer who leaked the Nixon/Watergate cover-up to The Washington Post?
11. Rigsy, Rump, and Rasmussen are all characters on which long-running BBC science-fiction favorite?
12. Which body joint includes the patella?
13. Who was the first New York Met inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?
14. Which 2010 Western by the Coen brothers stars the Dude from the film The Big Lebowski in the role the Duke made famous in 1969?
15. What 1990 film about a Civil War soldier’s friendship with a Sioux Native American tribe was directed by and starred Kevin Costner?
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