Trivia Tuesdays
Welcome to Trivia Tuesdays! Every week, the Vicksburg District Library will upload 15 new trivia questions for you to think over during the pandemic. Play against yourself or against a friend! Answers will be posted to our Facebook on Wednesday evenings. There are no prizes or grading involved. Just a bit of random fun. Who knows? Maybe you'll learn something new!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
1. What group’s hit single “Wake Me Up When September Ends” was written by frontman Billie Joe Armstrong about the death of his father?
2. Which New England state banned billboards in 1968, so that its pastoral beauty could be fully appreciated by both residents and tourists?
3. Which Hollywood film studio’s logo is a mountain surrounded by 22 stars?
4. Which of these sports was not invented in the state of Massachusetts – baseball, volleyball, or basketball?
5. In 2011, what Republican congressman from Ohio replaced Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House?
6. What movie star inspired a game celebrating his connection with nearly every actor in Hollywood?
7. How many times has Katherine Heigl’s character been in a wedding, according to the title of her 2008 always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-bride film?
8. What popular humorist, and big brother to comedian Amy, once worked as a Christmas elf at Macy’s?
9. Which kind of nut does comedian Roseanne Barr grow on her 46-acre Hawaiian farm?
10. What city, dubbed the “Russian Riviera,” was the first summer resort to host the Winter Olympics in 2014?
11. Which presidential historian’s 2005 book, Team of Rivals, describes how Lincoln’s political opponents became his cabinet members?
12. What Boston ace notched over 300 strikeouts in the 2017 season, making him and Pedro Martinez the only Boston plyers to ever achieve the milestone?
13. What 84-year-old “spaghetti western” veteran directed his 34th film, the award-winning American Sniper, in 2014?
14. Which Edward Albee play featuring the bickering couple George and Martha opened again in 2012, 50 years to the day after the original’s opening?
15. What cornerstone McDonald’s food item was launched in 1983 and was sold in boxes of 6, 9, or 20 (to Baby Yoda’s delight)?
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