This form is intended to collect information about the students who have studied at NJSMTI and become part of NJSMTI family.

We would like to know the current status of students who studied here and develop an association with them.

One of the main purposes of alumni associations is to support a network of former graduates who will, in turn, help to raise the profile of the institute. Just like most other institute\university student organizations, alumni associations aim to bring together like-minded individuals.

Successful graduates are an institute''s best asset. It's no surprise then that most alumni associations offer a variety of career services. These can be anything from job fairs to things like resume workshops, job postings, and online resources for job-seekers.

Alumni associations aren't just about jobs and recruiting new students. When you were a student at our institute, you were part of a community that offered all sorts of exciting perks – free concerts, days celebration, festival celebrations, art exhibits, library access, sporting events, plantation, swachhta drive and numerous other things that made our institute unique and dynamic. And university alumni associations understand that even after graduation, many students continue to feel connected to their university, or associate a part of their identity with the institution.

Come and lets start a new journey....!!!
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