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Règles du jeu / Rules :
What is the topic of this new edition?

After the Challenges COP21 in 2015, Paris2024 in 2016 and GreenPeace in 2017, we renew the experience this year with the objective of conceiving nudges aiming at encouraging physical activity and sports practice to fight against sedentarity at school, in universities, in companies, at home, …

A few examples of topics to get inspired (non-exhaustive list):

To have a physical activity on a daily basis:
How to encourage to take the stairs rather than the elevators?
How to encourage to use a bike rather than public transportation?
How to encourage to walk 10 000 steps by day?

To do sport regularly:
How to encourage to play football in a club?
How to encourage to play tennis between friends?

To be accompanied by someone to do sport:
How to motivate a friend to do sport with yourself?
How to encourage children to come with their parents when they do sport?
How to encourage parents to come with their children when they do sport?


How to participate?

The Nudge Challenge is open to all students with a Bachelor’s Degree and more, in France as well as at the international level.

To form your teams: we advise you to build teams of approximately 6 members in order to foster productivity.

1. Choose the challenge on which your team wants to work on.
2. Make a video of approximately 3 min in French or in English to present:
          - The behavioral challenge chosen,
          - The associated issues,
          - The nudge that the team wants to set up. You can choose to present us a prototype of the nudge in the video, in order to allow the jury of NudgeFrance to grasp it in more concrete terms.
          - Finally, your team will present an experimental plan which will allow to explain how to test the efficiency of the nudge. If you can, don’t hesitate to realize it to share the results concerning the efficacity of your nudge with the jury.

Inscription / registration
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Description du Nudge envisagé / Nudge description
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Schedule of the Nudge Challenge 2018:
The challenge will take place between the end of September and the end of December:

October 31th: Deadline to enroll your team (extended deadline on request until November 22th:
November 26th: Sending of the videos
November 30th – December 6th: Viewing of the videos and pre-selection by the jury.
December 7th: Announcement of the finalists
December 18th: Oral presentation of the finalists and announcement of the results.
As in previous editions, we strongly believe that some brilliant ideas will emerge, which will contribute to encourage better behaviors.

Have a nice challenge!

The NudgeFrance team.
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