2019-2020 TEDxFoggyBottom Team Application
Please fill out the following questions to let the 2019-2020 e-board know about yourself! We will contact you with follow up information. Please answer the questions in depth so that we can get a sense of your interests, skills, and personality. There is no word limit, and thoughtful answers are encouraged.
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Our annual team is made up of 5 sub-teams: Community, Content, Creative, Experience, Operations. Please rank your team preferences with 1 being the one you want most and 6 being the one you want least. (Provide an explanation for your top choice)
Community Team: responsible for engaging with the general public in person and via social media, outreach to partner companies, universities, newspapers, etc., as well as handling logistics for speaker arrangements and the speaker reception
Content Team: responsible for all speaker/performer-related tasks, including research, nominations, and all speaker preparation
Creative Team: responsible for the all visual aspects of the team, including all print and digital materials/aesthetic needs, such as apparel, logo, videos, programs, stage design, and website
Experience Team: responsible for the entire attendee experience, including attendee communication and information, check-in, exhibit space, session breaks, and volunteer application and coordination
Operations Team: responsible for volunteer application and training, team bonding and internal team logistics
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Will you have other commitments, like work, Greek life, student orgs, etc, during the 2019-2020 school year? If so, please list and briefly explain them here. *
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Will you be able to commit to one general body meeting AND one small team meeting? GBMs will most likely be on Monday nights from 9 to 10pm, and small team meeting days/times will be determined once the team is formed. *
Have you been able to or do you plan on attending one of our information sessions? *
What excites you about TEDxFoggyBottom? What makes you want to join the team? *
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What skills and experience do you have that would make you a great fit for the sub-team[s] you most wish to be on? Include anything and everything: technical production, photography, graphic design, social media, marketing, logistical planning, interpersonal skills etc. To submit examples of this work, you may email creative@tedxfoggybottom.com if you choose. *
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If you could see any person (living or dead) give a TED talk, who would it be and why? *
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Use this space as an opportunity to tell us something more about you that you did not have the opportunity to say in the above questions or on your resume :)
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