Encompass Dance Project Chapter II Audition Submission
The application process is simple...

1. Complete the contact information below.

2. Once the Director contacts you, submit a solo video from your most recent competition season OR an in-studio solo/improv video of good quality. The director will send you a video tutorial to learn, showing movement and technical skills in both contemporary/lyrical and jazz styles (best to film in form-fitting dancewear rather than loose clothing, so we can see your body movement and form).

3. Include a headshot (does not have to be professional) with your video submission.

4. When submitting the information below, please include any details that make you stand out. What makes you different from the dancer standing next to you? Why do you love the art of dance? What are your goals?

Audition Fee - Please submit your $20.00 audition fee to Venmo (@gkeauna)
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