BRBS Duo/Trio Entry Form 2021
Please use this online form to register for entry into a duo/trio section for 2021 with the Beau-Rock Ballet School.
Please complete one online form for each style of duo/trio you would like to enter.

Fee Schedule 2021
Cost per duo/trio is $250 per competitor ($200 for a repeated item).
These charges go some way towards covering the cost of private lessons, choreography, rehearsals, costume hire, hall rental, music editing and competition entry fees.

Students who registered for 2020 competitions will have their item rolled over into 2021. There will be no charge if fees have already been paid.
Eisteddfod Information
Students will be automatically entered in the following competitions throughout the year:
1. SFD Competitions - held in the first week of term 2 holidays - SOLOS, DUO/TRIOS + TROUPES
2. Phoenix Festival of Dance - held over the first 10 days of the term 2 holidays - SOLOS & DUO/TRIOS (NO TROUPES)
3. Casey Comps - held over the first four weekends of Term 4 - SOLOS, DUO/TRIOS +TROUPES
If you would like to enter other competitions or eisteddfods please let us know.
If you have registered for production classes please check the competition information carefully as troupes will also be performed at the Southern Dance Festival at the start of the September school holidays.
Please tick the box below to indicate that you have read the information above regarding fees and performance dates.
Student Information
This information will be used to enter the students in the correct age group. Please ensure that all details entered are correct.
The student's names will appear in the eisteddfod programs as they are written below.
Student #1 Name *
Student #1 Email (parent/student) *
Student #1 Birthday (dd/mm/yyyy) *
Student #1 Age at 1st January 2021 *
Student #2 Name *
Student #2 Email (parent/student) *
Student #2 Birthday (dd/mm/yyyy) *
Student #2 Age at 1st January 2021 *
Student #3 Name
Student #3 Email (parent/student)
Student #3 Birthday (dd/mm/yyyy)
Student #3 Age at 1st January 2021
Duo/Trio Information
Please choose the style of the duo/trio from the list below. Only one style per registration form.
Description of styles:
Classical - Classical ballet technique
Character - Classical ballet technique with story telling elements
Neo Classical - Classical technique combined with soft flowing movement and demonstration of flexibility
Lyrical - Neo or Contemporary technical base with story telling elements
Contemporary - Classical base with contemporary elements including floor work, parallel positions, contractions and demonstration of flexiblity
Tap - Tap technique
Jazz (current) - Fast sharp movements, isolations, demonstration of flexibility
Theatrical Jazz - Jazz inspired by musical theatre/broadway styles
Hip-Hop - Street dance styles performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture
Duo/Trio Style (select one) *
Is this item being rolled over from 2020?
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