BoxBot Event Team Application
By submitting an Event Team application, you acknowledge that...
• You are active and interested in assisting with running and creating events.
• While you are waiting for a response, you should not ask anyone to review your application.
• Your application will be considered open until you receive a response.
• Event Team recruitment depends on particular time zones as we want to try to make sure there is an Event Team member available at all times.
• Most events happen on weekends, so Event Team may not be suitable for you if you are unavailable on weekends.
• You will not be able to participate in every event as a normal player; you will be needed to staff for some.
• You are expected to be active, friendly, unbiased, and serious when required.
• Staffing events should be fun as long as it doesn't interfere with the event's rules. You must not abuse your event powers.
• Your Dyno and BoxBot punishment logs will be viewed, so be honest.
• If accepted into the Event Team, you are expected to continue to follow all rules in the main BoxBot server, and on the Event Server. Failure to follow rules could result in a permanent removal from the Event Team and may also affect whether you are allowed to participate in events.
By clicking next, you agree to the above...
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