I'd like to donate my laptop to a young refugee
Fill in this form to get your laptop to a refugee! If your laptop is suitable, we'll get in touch and arrange to pick it up or have it delivered to our base in North London. Our tech team will then securely wipe your device of any data (if you haven't done that already on your side) and then we'll deliver it direct to the recipient, who will have been referred to us by one of our partner organisations.

As a tech company we take your data privacy incredibly seriously. While we prefer it if you can wipe your device yourself (see our website for how to do this), your data will be safe with us before we destroy it. You can read more about this in our privacy policy, which is in the footer of our website.

Thank you for supporting refugees and pushing this project forward!
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What is your phone number?
By giving us your phone number you agree to be contacted on Whatsapp or by phone call about donating your laptop. We won't contact you for any other reason unless you consent at another time to that, and we won't share your data with anyone.
Does the laptop fit the description for suitable laptops?
We can only accept laptops which are going to be useful to young refugees and which are worth investing in. Screen Share can currently accept laptops with the following processors: Intel i3 ✅Intel m3 ✅Intel i5 ✅Intel i7 ✅AMD Ryzen ✅. We can also only accept laptops which switch on and have a built-in camera. Laptops which are more than 8 years old are unfortunately not suitable. Please do not donate laptops with water damage or no signs of life at all! We are particulalry looking for laptops which you have used within the past 5 years. It is also very helpful for us if you remove the hard drive before you donate your laptop, as this saves us time, energy and money in our process. If you're not sure how to do this, drop us an email and one of our trained IT volunteers will be able to assist (info@screen-share.co.uk).
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Where is the laptop?
We're asking so we can mobilise a volunteer to pick it up, or arrange for postage! We won't use your address for marketing purposes and if you'd rather give the first part of your postcode to confirm later, that's fine too!
How would you prefer to get the laptop to Screen Share?
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Do you agree to donate this piece of tech to Screen Share? *
By selecting 'Yes', you agree to donate your laptop or tablet to Screen Share. Your tech will be passed to a trained member of our IT team who will refurbish it. By selecting 'Yes', you agree to - in the event that you haven't removed the data from the device yourself - pass your data to us solely for the purpose of destroying it. The 'as new' tech will then be passed to a young refugee unless it develops a fault or becomes unsuitable, in which case it will be sold for parts or recycled.
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